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Assorted Custom Knives


"Pro" Stilleto Thrower

NEW! 10 1/2" long ATS-34 S/S bead blasted finish. Red para- cord wound handle. PRICE: 55.00 SOLD !

Circa 1800's Mountain Man Blackpowder Patch Knife

Hammerforged antique collector piece. Complete with presentation case. PRICE: 70.00 Can. SOLD!!


Mini bird knife. 2 1/2" ATS-34 S/S polished blade. Stag handle with guard. PRICE: 55.00

Devilstyk Thrower

Hammered stainless steel, with sheath. PRICE: 55.00 Sold..

Mississippi 2 Finger-Push knife

Handle black walnut.Carry around your neck Price: 125.00 SOLD!!!!

Mountain Man Patch/ Skinner Knife

Forged antique blade from a 383 Commando engine pushrod.

Moose tyne handle with sheath. PRICE:  165.00   SOLD

If a knife you like is sold, I can make another !!!