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History of D.G. Knives & Spears Company

I have been a part-time knife maker for about 30 years. My specialty is Scottish knives or in Gaelic, Sgian dubhs. The steels I work with are ATS-34 stainless and do forging with 5160 spring steel. Handles are primarily staghorn ( my personal favourite ) adorned with semi-precious stones or pewter and silver furnishings. Other knives made include ; Hunters, skinners, throwers, fighters and even hunting spears. All work is done by myself including the sheath and custom designed to your specifications. So..... why don't you give me a click / call and see what I can design for you including a price quote. Hope you enjoy my site.

Best regards: Derek Gartshore

~All blades are appleseed profiled (shape), affectionately known as a Moran edge. This is the style I work with.~

*Canadian business, shipping worldwide.*